Birthdate: April 26

Birthplace: Shawinigan Falls Quebec, Canada

City of residence prior to Towne House: Cape Coral, Florida

Education: R.N degree from Queen Elizabeth School of Nursing

Profession/Employment: Nurse in Quebec and Ontario

Church Affiliation: Presbyterian

Special Interests: I like watching TV, reading, shopping, talking to my grandchildren, and talking to my friend Darlene.

Family and important people: I have my husband Jack Martin (deceased), six children including Greg, Dave, Rick, Steve, Andrew, and Liz, 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

About Me (world travels, exciting experiences, and proud moments): My world travels include traveling all across Canada and the U. S. for camping trips, Asia, Europe, and South Africa. My life’s most exciting experience was being married to Jack. I am most proud of my grandchildren.