Birthdate: September 23

Birthplace: India

City of residence prior to Towne House: Fort Wayne, IN

Education: Case Western Reserve University PhD

Profession/employment: College Professor Indiana University-Purdue University and Lucknow Christian College

Church Affiliation: Taylor Chapel United Methodist Church

Family and important people: I have my spouse, Rosemary Iona (deceased), two children, Anju and Manju, and six grandchildren.

About Me (world travels, exciting experiences, and proud moments): My world travels include visiting 42 countries—mostly in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. My favorite places I’ve visited would be Malaysia, Australia, and South Africa. Some of my life’s most exciting experiences would be teaching and living/traveling abroad. I am interested in sports, both playing and watch-ing, travelling, and speaking. I am most proud of my two wonderful daughters, bringing five out of seven siblings to America, and for being active in Ethnic and Cultural Associations.