Towne House tour of Prairie Landing

The Towne House, Fort Wayne’s leading Life Plan Community, has just broken ground on the area’s first luxury neighborhood for active adults 55-years and older.

Introducing Prairie Landing, a beautifully landscaped, 60-acre neighborhood on Illinois Road, designed for active individuals eager to experience 100% maintenance-free living in a spacious and luxurious duplex or single-family home.


If you are interested in learning more about 100% maintenance-free living at Prairie Landing, join our Priority Club and schedule an in-person tour. Our model homes are now open!

Due to the ongoing coronavirus health threat, appointments for tours are required to help coordinate safe practices.

Towne House Video Journal

In this time of social distancing, we at The Towne House have decided to make a video journal in order to give you more information, answer your questions, and show you the beautiful surroundings that you’ll find here at The Towne House.
If you have any questions that we didn’t answer here, please feel free to email us at or

Musings from Marketing

Episode #1 -- 03/27/20

Hosts Lori and Sarah introduce themselves and explain what you can expect from this video series.

Health and Fitness

Episode #2 -- 04/07/20

In this episode, Sarah talks about the new activities page. Currently, there are six exercise videos so that you can stay fit from home.
You can view the Resident’s Activities Page HERE

Tour of Our Chapel

Episode #3 -- 04/14/20

In this episode, Sarah and Lori give you a tour of the beautiful Chapel that The Towne House.
Read more on the Spiritual Life Page HERE

Musings in the Cafe

Episode #4 -- 04/21/20

In this episode, hosts Lori and Sarah visit The Towne House’s onsite cafe which serves casual fare all day. At the cafe, you can even order a Noble Roman’s pizza to eat there with friends or have it delivered to your room. Learn more about our dining options HERE

The Carriage Dining Room

Episode #5 -- 04/28/20

In this episode, hosts Lori and Sarah show a sampling of desserts you can find at the Carriage Dining Room, answer questions, and pose a trivial challenge for their online viewers.

The Fireside Grille

Episode #6 -- 05/05/20

In this episode, hosts Lori and Sarah visit The Fireside Grille, discuss dining options at The Towne House, and sample a few of their entrées. You should see Lori’s eyes light up when Chef Marvin describes the Bourbon Glazed Salmon.

Movie Theater

Episode #7 -- 05/12/20

Hosts Sarah and Lori visit the Towne House inhouse 30-seat Movie Theater and discuss custom services, channel 92, and temporary changes in this time of social distancing.

The Towne House Library

Episode #8 -- 05/19/20

Host Lori and Sarah tour the extensive Towne House library, show a model of the buildings and grounds, and explain the book club.

The Towne House Top 10

Episode #9 -- 05/28/20

Top 10 ways that you know that you live in a pandemic. Hosts Sarah and Lori definitely have a sense of humor and they have clearly honed their video editing skills. Seriously, I laughed out loud at this one – A must see!